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  • living-in-my-own-reality asked : I watched all the Harry Potter movies but have not read the books. I love to read but I already watched the movies so what's the point? What's your recommendation? Should I read them?

    Sorry I’m getting back to you so late!! Sometimes I forget I have a tumblr :) Haha, but I would definitely recommend reading the books. The movies are definitely fun to enjoy, but reading the books is a whole other experience. It allows you to fully be in the world and you’re opened up to parts of the stories that weren’t even included in the films. The first two books are very easy reads. I’d say my favorite book is the third - and then they just keep getting more intense & exciting! I hope you read them!

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  • whysomanyy asked : Hi! I just wanted to to say I think you're awesome. I somehow found you when I was under the tag Kit Harrington i think? I saw that you'd made a Royal Game of Thrones parody but I couldn't find the link. I've only been watching game of thrones for about a month now and I've been watching it as much as possible. I never could find your YouTube channel from your blog so I ended up just searching YouTube for weasleysweaters and found it! From there I watched several of your videos (your voice is...

    thank you so much for watching!! :) I did make one Game of Thrones parody last year. I stopped watching during season 2 cause I got distracted with another tv show so I have a lot of catching up to do! Once I start watching GoT again, perhaps I’ll be inspired to write another parody!

  • artsyravenclawwitch asked : Have you ever been to Leakycon? I'm gonna go for the first time.

    I haven’t!!! I wish I wish I wish I could go one year. Gotta save up some galleons! Have so much fun & let me know how it goes :)

  • Harry Potter by the sea #harrypotter #quidditch #quidditchthroughtheages #losangeles (at The Rose Garden)
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  • Took down a pretty funny vine today per mom’s advice because she thought I wouldn’t get babysitting/nanny jobs anymore #mamaknowsbest #harrypotter #horcrux #voldemort
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  • artsyravenclawwitch asked : You're very welcome! And it's nice to meet you, Kate. So how are you and how's your summer going?

    I am grand! thank you very much for asking! summer is super busy! just wrapped filming for two short films and finished up a couple of stage productions. I’m hoping to catch my breath over the next few weeks. I hope your summer is off to a magical start :)

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  • belmontcalifornia asked : Hello) I'm only a few hours ago has found your YouTube channel. And I'm amazed! You are so talented. Your videos are amazing! Thanks for the excellent mood for the whole day: 3 /sorry for my bad English/

    Thank you so much!! Your English is just fine :D  

    And now after reading this post, I am in an excellent mood!! Thank you for making my day!

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  • artsyravenclawwitch asked : Hey there! What's your name? My name is jordan and I really love looking at your videos! You're really talented! Good job!

    hi Jordan!! my name is Kate :) thank you so much for watching my vids. I am so glad you like them!!!